Just as the way desktop computers revolutionized office productivity in the last decade, mobile computing devices will revolutionize mobile workers productivity in the next decade. The availability of mobile computing devices such as: mobile phones, PDA’s and pagers will allow mobile workers to more efficiently and accurately interact with business essential data. Data collected in the field will be available instantaneously enabling tighter inventory control, faster accounts receivable turnaround times and reduced labor savings for support staff. We are providing customers with the following:

  ^ Instantaneous access to data collection and retrieval
  ^ Enterprise data to mobile workers located anywhere in the field
  ^ Better inventory controls
  ^ Increased cash flow by reducing billing/invoicing cycles
  ^ New innovative services that make workers more productive

We develop software, that can run any mobile device, to help our customers improve their business operations and increase profitability. Our solutions can be implemented for;

  Mobile Phones   Paging Devices
  PDA/Handhelds   Laptops

Automotive – We work closely with many companies that provide field installation of various automotive products. The installation parts and services data are then transmitted via cell phone and data is rolled up in real time.

Real Estate – We provide customized software enabling instantaneous MLS data to be pulled down form anywhere in the field.

Hazardous Waste Companies – When you need to know where your waste is in transit, who is the driver, when it was delivered, and who accepted delivery. We can do this in real time.

Bio-Pharmaceutical Companies – Data collection of product samples with instantaneous rollup of physician name, location, date, and time sample was given.

Utility Services – Automated field data collection and data delivery.

Consumer Services - Content delivery systems.

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