The use of cellular phones in the sales world has been tremendous, but phones have been restricted to voice only. Mobile workers are now in contact with the office and their customers, but often there information is still contained on their laptops or handhelds and has to be connected and synced with the office computer systems. This has improved the ability to share information in the field with customers but has not really accelerated the sales process or data gathering processes, until now.

In 2001 mobile phones had become more capable of running application software and sending data to application servers worldwide. Many tasks that were not possible just a couple of years ago are now possible. This is the focus of our products, We specialize in writing applications that can be run on cellular phones to collect or distribute data between field service workers accross the enterprise. This is model is referred to as B2E (Business to Employee).

Our solutions architecture is comprised of a combination of client side and server side application and data storage to provide for reliable data collection and reporting via a cellular phone even in situations where a phone signal is not available. We use the latest in phone technology to build robust phone applications. Working with cellular carriers we provide the following:

  ^ Interactive user interfaces (textboxes,listboxes,checkboxes)
  ^ Industry standard HTTP and HTTPS connectivity to servers
  ^ Data query and syncronization capabilites
  ^ The ability to deploy and update phone applications OTA (Over the Air)
  ^ Use of standard languages like Java allow for portability across devices
  ^ Advanced metering and billing capabilites

We work with major cellular carriers, including:


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