The acceptance of PDA’s has grown over the last few years. These devices provide basic calendar, address book, and to do lists, but with wireless access, these PDA’s can provide many more applications. Utilizing a wireless handheld, or using a simple wireless modem attachment to an existing unit, the PDA can now be used anytime, anywhere, to collect and transmit data instantaneously over the Internet.

We specialize in writing customized and standard applications that can be run on any PDA to collect or distribute data between field service workers across the enterprise. This model is referred to as B2E (Business to Employee).

Our solutions architecture is comprised of a combination of client side and server side application and data storage to provide for reliable data collection and reporting via a cellular phone even in situations where a phone signal is not available. We use the latest in PDA technology to build robust phone applications. Working with cellular carriers we provide the following:

  ^ Instantaneous access to data collection and retrieval
  ^ Data syncronization processes
  ^ Provide Enterprise data to mobile workers located anywhere in the field
  ^ Integrate with existing CRM applications
  ^ Better inventory controls
  ^ Increased cash flow by reducing billing/invoicing cycles
  ^ New innovative services that make workers more productive


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